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Wearable Breast Pump S9 Pro Longest Battery Life, 2Pcs Gray

Wearable Breast Pump S9 Pro Longest Battery Life, 2Pcs Gray

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  • Less Time, More Milk - S9 Pro wearable breast pump with 2 modes & 9 levels. Imitating the baby's suckling method to optimize milk production. Ensure that each mother produces more milk in a shorter time, and give moms more choices and comfort.
  • Longest Battery Life, Move Freest - one day one charge for a whole day outdoors. Fully charged can be used 210min/7-8 times. The auto shut-off every 30 minutes helps moms pump on comfortably. Higher capacity battery and faster Type-C charging (Use >=5V-2A charger).
  • Smaller & Smarter - S9 Pro is 20% smaller and 5% lighter, and S9 Pro adds an LED display with mode gears at a glance. Optimized to reduce noise, if the sound is < 45dB when using will not disturb the baby's sleep.
  • Innovative Pumping Technology - With a more stable installation and increased flange sealing edge for no leaks, the S9 Pro breast pump sucks up every drop of breast milk. Reduced noise, less than 45 decibels when in use.
  • Professional, More Trust - S9 Pro won the 2022 Reddot Design Award, has patents for appearance and structure invention, FDA certification, etc. Professional grade S9 Pro breast pump gives mothers a better breastfeeding experience!

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Customer Reviews

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naresh kadari
So good

I love everything about this little pump. It's so easy for me to pump now not being plugged into a wall. This pump has great suction, and I can use it wherever I need to, even in public because i can just put it in my bra under a shirt. I RECOMMEND!!

Miyoshi T

I'm in loveeeee!! I can literally do any and everything with this pump on! My boobs are on the bigger side and it still works great! I tried other products and they didn't work for me due to the size of my boobs this pump pulls harder than it and everything I'm so happy with this purchase !!!!