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The Thinnest Diaper

The Thinnest Diaper

Only 0.2cm thick -- delivers air-like feel while minimizing leaks.

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Combined core features FSC-approved pulp

Japanese SAP, 10s fast-dry

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The Thinnest Diaper

It’s thinner and lighter,

but it holds more!

Nobody is a fan of chunky clothing or restricting clothing. So is your baby! Our air-like diaper really comes in handy for the utmost comfy experience.

  • As thin as a nickel!

    Yes, it’s only 0.2cm thick. This time, we really went out of our way to explore what is possibly the most comfortable diaper ever. We want your baby to wiggle, curl, or crawl how they wish.

  • As breathable as a cloud

    Our diapers are incorporated with millions of micro holes in the fiber; that way, your baby can always expect a crisp feeling under their cute booty.

  • Friendly to any sleep position

    Feel free to toss. Feel free to turn. Buddy, it’s your call. The bottom line is you will always feel comfy.

  • Best-in-class overflow control

    Our diapers have been tested (never on animals) and proven to retain liquids in place without overflowing, even after several times of peeing. Not a single drop shall pass through.

  • As absorbent as a sponge

    We have specially created an infusion core that holds up to six times the amount of urine. It may be smaller in size, but don’t belittle its capacity!

  • A comfy fit on your baby’s tushy

    The diaper is carefully designed to fit perfectly on your baby’s bum. It’s meant to help your little one move easily while avoiding unwanted blowouts.

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