Cotton Diaper

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Pure Cotton Diaper

Pure Cotton Diaper

So soft and pure to kiss your baby's delicate bum. It also excels at preventing leaks.

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Combined core features FSC-approved pulp

Japanese SAP, 10s fast-dry

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Pure Cotton Diaper

Pure care born from 100% natural cotton.

Cotton is one of the crops with the longest history and relies on three nutrients to grow -- sunshine, water, and air. Therefore, we have selected 100% natural cotton only to show that your little one deserves the purest care and the most natural diaper along their growing journey.

  • Just nature, not much else

    1. Nearly 3,000 hrs of sun exposure

    2. Non-contaminated sandy soils

    3. Only nourished by sunshine,

    Water, and air.

  • Innovative hydroentangled bonding

    We use an innovative way to bond loose fibers together while guaranteeing the softness of the top sheet, ensuring baby bums are treated with ultimate delicacy.

  • Tired of swamp butt? 40% increased breathability!

    Millions of tiny pores on the cotton fibers form a natural ventilation passage. It airs much better for a dry, crisp feeling under the baby’s cute tushy.

  • It traps liquids seriously

    Already proven by a third party, it has a capacity of trapping up to EIGHT times the urine. Not a single drop should leak.

  • Seeing is believing

    1. 100% cotton liner — No black smoke, odor, and fine ashes.

    2. Chemical fiber liner — Black smoke, odor, article ashes.

  • No extra yucks

    Besides using cotton —
    the #1 doctor-recommended material for rash and eczema — we’ve also eliminated all substances that will cause a slight bit of irritation.

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