Cotton Diaper

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Pure Cotton Diaper

Pure Cotton Diaper

So soft and pure to kiss your baby's delicate bum. It also excels at preventing leaks.

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Combined core features FSC-approved pulp

Japanese SAP, 10s fast-dry

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Pure Cotton Diaper

Pure care born from 100% natural cotton.

Cotton is one of the crops with the longest history and relies on three nutrients to grow -- sunshine, water, and air. Therefore, we have selected 100% natural cotton only to show that your little one deserves the purest care and the most natural diaper along their growing journey.

  • Just nature, not much else

    1. Nearly 3,000 hrs of sun exposure

    2. Non-contaminated sandy soils

    3. Only nourished by sunshine,

    Water, and air.

  • Innovative hydroentangled bonding

    We use an innovative way to bond loose fibers together while guaranteeing the softness of the top sheet, ensuring baby bums are treated with ultimate delicacy.

  • Tired of swamp butt? 40% increased breathability!

    Millions of tiny pores on the cotton fibers form a natural ventilation passage. It airs much better for a dry, crisp feeling under the baby’s cute tushy.

  • It traps liquids seriously

    Already proven by a third party, it has a capacity of trapping up to EIGHT times the urine. Not a single drop should leak.

  • Seeing is believing

    1. 100% cotton liner — No black smoke, odor, and fine ashes.

    2. Chemical fiber liner — Black smoke, odor, article ashes.

  • No extra yucks

    Besides using cotton —
    the #1 doctor-recommended material for rash and eczema — we’ve also eliminated all substances that will cause a slight bit of irritation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Favorite Diapers!

These diapers are my absolute FAVORITE! I've tried tons of other brands, but was having difficulty finding a diaper that was absorbent and sensitive enough for my babies.

Great for our new born

Brought for our new born, diapers are very comfortable and baby doesnt get irritated at all. Our boy is 5 lbs 12 Oz the new born ones are little bigger but you can just fold it a bit for few weeks and you are all set.
Havent seen any leaks at all so far.