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Natural Cotton Diaper

Natural Cotton Diaper

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Derived from 100% natural cotton grown in sun-drenched cotton belt. Seriously soft and absorbent for baby's comfy experience and parents' peace of mind.
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Find pure and natural care in the making of our diapers

From raw materials to the layers that touch your baby, we make sure everything is natural.

Only pure care in the making of our diapers

No nasties should touch baby's sensitive skin, which is why from raw materials to the layers that touch your baby, we make sure everything is natural.

Every detail is carefully designed

Comfortable fit and excellent absorption performance. Let your baby enjoy the most careful care.

It's like sitting on a cloud!

Wonder how it feels like dancing a big puffy cloud? Well, we wish your baby could tell you! It's the luxurious softness brought by the premium sun-drenched cotton.

Let baby's butt breathe!

Thanks to the natural air passage formed by millions of tiny pores, air can flow freely under those cute little tushy. With 40% more breathability, heat and moisture can disappear quickly to keep their butts dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jamie Marrow
It's great

It's the best natural diapper I found. This stuff works.

Ella Chole
GREAT baby gift! These are the BEST!

I bought these diapers my friend's baby as a gift. Sleepy Natural diapers fit or functioned, and so she stayed been very happy with them. Fit well, very absorbent, reliable, no issued with leaking. She has been using them on baby. Very happy with them and will keep using them.

Dawn Sherman
new parent's very happy

New mom is thrilled with the product. Being eco friendly is very important to the parents and it delivers.

Clarissa Stanley
They work great, no leaks!

Bought several types of diapers to try for my newborn and these are my favorite so far! No blowouts or leaks, super absorbent and soft.

Marlon Eland
Luxurious diapers

As a momma that has tried various nontoxic brands, this one is definitely my favorite.Definitely on the more pricey side but worth it in my opinion. Highly recommend for mommas.