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Natural Bamboo Diaper

Natural Bamboo Diaper

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Originated from the green lush bamboo woods with the natural antibacterial substance "bamboo kun" preserved, which helps reduce diaper rash on your little one's skin.
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  • Soft as ever!

    As bamboo fibers are naturally smooth & rounded, the liners touching your baby are so soft that it resembles a mom's gentle kiss.

  • Not a single drop should escape

    Painfully bothered by frequent midnight changes? You should give this diaper a try. Our innovative SuperbDry core can lock liquids away for up to 12 hours.

  • Let baby's bum breathe, so you can breathe

    Bamboo fiber is known as the fiber that knows how to "breathe", so when your baby sits in this diaper, the butt is guaranteed to be dry and comfy.

Every detail is carefully designed

Comfortable fit and excellent absorption performance. Let your baby enjoy the most careful care.

Only pure care in the making of our diapers

No nasties should touch baby's sensitive skin, which is why from raw materials to the layers that touch your baby, we make sure everything is natural.

Find pure and natural care in the making of our diapers

From raw materials to the layers that touch your baby, we make sure everything is natural.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Andrew Sanders
Rash disappeared!

Rash disappeared since my son started to use it. Worth the price!

Meta Pierce
Very good!

Love them but Im ready for my son to be potty trained!! They are expensive but worth it.

Bill Jackson
Nice diaper

The company says it is 100% natural bamboo. It doesn't look significantly different from other diapers, but my daughter's diaper rash disappeared. Will keep using it.

Love it.

I purchased these diapers for my son who has sensitive skin. I was hesitant because of the high price but finally found it worth it. He is no longer struggling with diaper rashes.

Allen Watson
The best diaper for me!

The softest diapers ever. Also great absorbency