Bamboo Diaper

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Natural Bamboo Diaper

Natural Bamboo Diaper

Minimizes leaks, blowouts, and diaper rash. Super safe for baby's skin and the environment.

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Combined core features FSC-approved pulp

Japanese SAP, 10s fast-dry

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Bamboo Diaper

A diaper designed to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Did you know? It takes only 3~5 years for bamboo to grow, while it takes over 10 years for a regular tree. Did you also know? Bamboo absorbs 30% more carbon dioxide than ordinary hardwood, while it releases 35% more oxygen. As you can see, we choose bamboo for a reason -- we need to make sure our younger generations grow up in a sustainable and green world for a shared human future.

  • Carefully selected materials

    We only choose 3-year-old bamboo that grows at 400-600 meters above sea level. The top and back sheets of the diaper are made of 100% primitive bamboo pulp.

  • More bamboo, less carbon emission

    Bamboo viscose is 100% biodegradable and degrades 25% faster than chemical fiber nonwoven fabric. We can proudly claim our processes, from natural bamboo harvesting to fiber refining, do not increase the existing burden on Mother Earth’s shoulders.

  • Tired of swamp butt? 40% increased breathability!

    The unique hollow structure of bamboo guarantees 40% more breathability. Baby bums are sure to get much drier. Remember, our mission is to help your baby stay dry

    (and cool).

  • Also, say bye-bye to an allergic tushy

    Bamboo quinone, a natural antibacterial ingredient, has a bacteria-killing rate of over 71% within 24 hours. Please go away, allergic red tushy!

  • Up to 12 hours of liquid retention

    The diaper’s high liquid capacity allows the absorbent core to retain liquid for up to 12 hours. With this diaper on, sleeping through the night becomes a breeze.

  • Safe for your baby and the environment

    We can never stress enough that a baby’s skin deserves the most care. Your baby and the delicate planet we call home are what we always keep in mind.

Customer Reviews

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Dr. Gibbs

After going through different brands, different fits, and also supplementing with cloth diapers. I am stuck on Joyeek. I love the fit, I love the leak protection, the absorbency, and the ability to get a months supply so Im not running out to the store all the time! I highly recommend these.

Allyssa Grant

I love the convenience of getting diapers delivered to my door. Sometimes being a working mom and getting everything at the store is hard.